Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oaty Oatmeal Stout

Not much to do this afternoon, so I'm finally getting around to brewing an oatmeal stout with nothing but oats.
About 9 pounds of oatmalt
1.5 pounds of toasted (dark) oat grits and a pound of oatmeal
mash at 154 fo an hour
2 oz of Fuggles hops 60 minutes
fermented on yeast cake from the ABA (which I'm kegging today)
This one failed. Apperently, I don't know how to roast grain, as I got no color extraction. Not sure how much sugar is avaible in malted oats, but the 8 pounds I added yeilded a 1020 wort, after boiling down to 5 gallons, it might have approached 1025, hardly enough to bother with. Live and learn, barley has been the main brewing grain for good reasons!

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