Friday, July 23, 2010

Further work

Both batches of Cheswick Bitter are in the Kegerator carbinating. When I return from vacation, they will be ready to drink!!!!
Also the Rye Twist has been dry hopped with an ounce of Cascade. When I get home, into a keg, and by the weekend, it'll be ready to quaff!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Rye Twist

Many things to do, Stauderfest, Going to Robert's house for cool fresh ale.....but I'm out in 95 degree weather brewing up a batch of Rye Twist.

The Recipe (altered slightly due to an understocked grain bin)

7.5 pounds American 2-row
.75 pounds of light wheat malt
.75 pounds of rye malt
2 pounds of 60l Crystal
.75 pounds of Carapils

This will recieve .5 oz of chinook at 60 min,
and .5 oz of cascade at 30, 15 and 5 minutes and at knockout. Will dry hop next Friday with an ounce of Cascade. .
Using Saffale 005 Yeast.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

Chiswick Bitter

The recipe: (ten gallon batch)

14 pounds of Maris Otter
3/4 pound of 135L Crystal

1 ounce of UK Target 60 minutes
.5 ounces of UK Northdown 15 minutes
.5 ounces of UK Challenger at 15 minutes
3 ounces total of East Kent Golding (subject to change)
1.5 tsp of Irish Moss at 15 minutes

OG of 1.040

Using Wyeast 1968 on half and Danstar Windsor on the other half.

Day three now, first dry hop additions, on the 1968 batch, half ounce of East Kent Goldings, on the Windsor half, half ounce of Brambling Cross.

Tranferred to secondary. 1968 batch received another half ounce of EKG and the Windsor half received another half ounce of Brambling Cross. The EKG half is now in the kegorator chilling at 50 degrees while the Brambling Cross is cooling down to 68 degrees. In a week and a half, they will be kegged with another half ounce of each hop.