Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brewing a 5 gallon batch of Petit Saison.
5 lbs of Idapils
2.75 pounds of German Vienna
.75 pounds of flaked wheat.
Mashed at 151
1 oz Brewer Gold at 60
.25 oz Brewer Gold at 10
.25 oz Celeia at 10
.75 oz Brewer Gold at 2
.75 oz Celiea at 2
Hit 1038 3 points low, no sparge lost me a few points.
Pitched one pouch of Wyeast French Saison
Fermenting at room temperature.
On 4-29 dropped to 1008. Nice job, Spicy and quite drinkable. Let it go another week or two on the yeast and then keg.
5-10 still at 1008, cleared, pale straw in color, very tasty, will keg Saturday and use the yeast cake on a ten gallon batch.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

ESB 4-7-12

No Sparge, ten gallon

20 pounds of Maris Otter
2.25 pounds 85L Crystal
15 gallons of 158 water
Mashed at 148 for 60 minutes
Yeilded 13 gallons of wort

2 oz Bramling Cross at 60
2 oz Bramling Cross at 30
2 oz Bramling Cross at 15
Irish Moss at 15
Kegged on 4-29.
While I enjoy the flavor of Bramling Cross, This ale was a bit of overkill. A slight flavor of Old Ale, the Black Currant flavors from the Bramling Cross give it the dark fruit flavors reminiscent of Old Ale. An interesting experiment would be to send it to a competition and enter as an Old Ale and an ESB. Maybe....

American Wheat 4-7-12

Ten gallon batch.
8.75 pounds white wheat malt
10 pounds Maris Otter
mashing at 151
1.5 oz of Saaz at 60 minutes
SO-5 yeast cake, fermenting at 68