Saturday, January 28, 2012

Parti time!!!!

Parti-gyle that is.
35 pounds of Cargill Pale Ale Malt
2 pounds of 135l crystal
14 gallons of water to bring mash to 149.
Should yeild 7 gallons of wort for an Old Ale/Barleywine.
Next will add 12 gallons of 155 water to yield a batch of Best Bitter.
Gravities and hop quantities to follow.
Did not work out as planned.
First runnings went big, 8 gallons out, one gallon too many, apperently my grain soaks up less than .2 gallons per pound. The barleywine entering the fementer was 1.120, about 25 points higher than the books said. Not nescessarilly bad. The small beer, due to high winds ended up 12 gallons in the fermenter, 1.5 gallons more than wanted at a gravity of 1.032, a small bitter, but tasted pretty good. This is going to require tweaking.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Batch #2 Mead for 2012

Started as cranberry blossom honey on Dec 30th, 12 pounds of honey in 5 gallon batch. Today, 1-24-12, five pounds of Motecello (sp?) cherries were added.
It is now Feb. 6th. The cherry flavor is there so I put 5.25 pounds of black raspberries in a carboy and racked on top of it.
2/19/12 racked off of black raspberries Awesome flavor, leaving as is!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

10 Gallons of Porter


No sparge again.
18 pounds of Maris Otter
3 pounds of Brown Malt
2.75 pounds of Carastan
1/2 pound of Chocolate
3 ounces Fuggles at 60 minutes
2.5 ounces of Fuggles at 10 minutes
Using 1968 yeast, third pitch!
This came in at 1055, at 11 gallons.
Filled two kegs today, a tasty ale, the chocolate and toffee flavors are excellent! Should be on tap in a week or so.