Monday, September 24, 2012

Another cider

The perry was kegged, put 5 gallons of Shop & Save Cider on the dregs. This cider will be fruited, blended with mead and oaked (seperate batches). Easy recipe! Took three gallons and froze to a half gallon, making APPLEJACK! Most went out as Christmas gifts, and has been a big hit everywhere served. Saved back a 12 ounce bottle for UMMO Eis-anything.
The other two gallons were blended with a gallon of blackberry wine, cool and refreshing.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

American Lager

 Ten gallon batch
14 pounds of Pilsner (Cargill)
2 pounds of flaked corn
mashed at 145 for two hours

1.5 oz of Mt Hood at 60
1 ounce Mt Hood at knockout
Fermenting with Saflager 23 (two packs per 5 gallon bucket)
Primary at 52
24 hours after pitching
9-29 gravity at 1010, started the diactyl rest. Hoping to get down to 1006.10-6, its lagering now, made to to 1008, taste good already, see how it is in a month!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Not sure how this will turn out, used a 96 ounce can of Vitners Harvest Pear Concentrate, water to 4.5 gallons, 3 pounds of sugar and White Labs Cider Yeast. Hope this turns out, as I'm a few years from pear harvest!
Kegged today, fg at 1006, fairly clear. Taste....very thin, not a winner.
Age is treating this well. It took a third at the HHHC this year. Till my pear tree starts producing, I might be going this route.


5 Gallon Batch Started!
1 gallon Louisburg Cider
3 gallons of Indian Summer Cider
1 gallon Musselman Cider
1 pound golden brown sugar
1 pound of honey (clover)
White labs Cider Yeast

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Ten gallon batch of ESB today!!!

10 gallon batch
15 pounds Maris Otter
2 pounds toasted Maris Otter
12 ounces 135L crystal
1 ounce Target at 60
1 ounce EKG at 30
1 ounce EKG at 0
Dry hopped with 2 ounces of EKG and added two packs of Isenglass on 9-15

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Simple recipe, 5 gallons
11 pounds of two-row
12 oz of Carastan

.2 oz Chinook at 60
.5 oz Centennial at 30
1 oz Cascade at 15

Will dry hop with .5 oz of each.

Safale-05 for my yeast, will ferment at 67