Sunday, September 14, 2014

Irish Stout!

Ten gallon batch!

18 pounds of English Pale (Maris Otter and Golden Promise)
2 pounds roasted barley
2 1/4 pounds rolled barley

2 ounces Chinook for 60
Fermenting on Chico Yeast at 68 degrees

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Petit Saison

A five gallon batch going, using Northern Brewers all grain kit, was actually cheaper than buying the base grain (not my normal base) and the specialties and needed hops. Wish it luck!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Its About Time

Special Bitter
10 pounds Maris Otter
12 ounces 135L Crystal
No Sparge, mashed at 152
.5 oz Northdown at 60
.5 oz Target at 30
1 oz EKG at 15
Irish Moss at 15
Fermented on WL 005 at 62

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Heating/cooling coils

This is the heating and cooling coil. Using this with the Brewhemoth allows me total temperature control, regardless if the shop is too cold or too hot to maintain the ideal fermenting temperature.
A couple short videos....   and  
The shop has been between 41 degrees and 74 since brew day and the beer has been held where I want it.

Wiring a dual temperature control for the heating/cooling coil

As the diagram shows, wiring up the dual temperature control is quite easy. Remember to remove the "tangs" that connect the screws on each side of the outlet. This allows each plug to receive an independent circuit.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fermenting when the temperature fluctuates

Like many homebrewers, I would rather ferment outside the house, most in a garage, some in a shed (brewhouse). We also do not want to heat them. In the summer, it is simple to set up a cooling system, in the winter a way to warm. But what about spring and fall? Nightime temps can drop into the 30's, daytime in the 70's. Too cold or too hot to ferment a beer at the preferred temperature. We (at Brewhemoth central) have come up with the perfect solution, a dual set of tubes that can go into the Brewhemoth, one that can chill the wort when needed, the other can be heated when needed. Will be tested next week with a batch of American Pale ale. Here is a picture of it half done.

Photo: Sully, our illustrious welder, has made the first heating cooling coil!And here is it finished.....
And the top
Carefully marked so the proper hoses go on the right line!

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Using the IPA water profile and yeast,

18 pounds of Maris Otter
2 pounds of toasted Maris Otter (in oven at 425 till popping)
2 pounds Simpson's extra dark crystal
2 ounces of choclate malt

Bittering with 2 ounces of Northdown at 60
then EKG 1 ounce at 30, 15 and flame out, 2 tsp of Irish Moss at 15

Sunday, February 2, 2014

English IPA

Using the water profile below, here is today's recipe.
25 pounds floor malted Maris Otter

Mashed in with 8 gallons of water to a mash temp of 150,
Second mash, 8 gallons water at 170.
90 minute boil,
3 ounces of Northdown at 60
1 ounce of EKG at 30, 15, and knockout
2 tsp of Irish Moss at 15.
Fermenting on
Wyeast 1203-PC Burton IPA Blend

Beer Styles: Traditional and Historical English IPA, English Pale Ale, English Bitter styles, Robust Porter, Foreign Stouts
Profile: The revival of interest in historic and classic English IPA styles calls for a specialized yeast – this blend highlights hop bitterness and aroma while still allowing full expression of authentic water profiles and pale malts. Low to moderate ester level can be manipulated through fermentation temperature and pitching rate. Palate finish is typically neutral to mildly fruity with some maltiness. Good flocculation characteristics make this an excellent candidate for cask conditioning.

Alc. Tolerance          10% ABV
Flocculation             med-high
Attenuation             71-74%
Temp. Range           64-74°F (18-23°C)
Fermenting at 65. 

Kegged on 3-2. Oh, my, the hop bitterness came thru ever so nicely. A definite winner, one keg is being force carbonated, the other received a 1/4 cup of sugar. Cannot wait for this one to be ready! 

This is on tap. The hop bitterness is very clean and well pronounced. The water profile seemed to accentuate this quite nicely, seems to have the flavor of a Meantime IPA. Success!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Water making

This is the recipe for water on my next English IPA

Ca 126; SO4 281; MG 19; Na 18; Cl 48; HCO3 66

For 8 gallons

Epsom 6g
Baking Soda 2g
Calcium Carb. 1g
CaCl 3g
Gypsum 11g

This is an exciting new direction for my brewing, creating the perfect water for the perfect brew. Over the years, I've traveled out to springs in the Ozarks to collect my brewing water. This has resulted in award winning ales, that don't win awards when brewed with local water. With a source of DI water, I can now brew the award winners every time without driving 150 miles to get water.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


15 gallon batch

20 pounds of Maris Otter
1 3/4 pounds 135L crystal

Mashed at 153

Premium American Lager

Shooting to the higher end of hoppiness.

20 pounds of Idapils

90 minute mash at 145

90 minute boil
1 oz of AB Hallertau (8%) at 60
1 oz of AB Hallertau at 15
1 oz of AB Hallertau at Flame out

Monday, December 2, 2013

My other obsession

Take the time to check out Wild Meadow Dulcimers, like our facebook page!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


A simple one, 2 gallons of Louisburg, three gallons of Musselmans and yeast from the bitter (S-04).

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A bitter

15 gallon batch
20 pounds Maris Otter
2.5 pounds of 135l crystal
mashed at 149
1.5 oz Target at 60
1.5 oz Northdown at 45
1 oz EKG at 15
Irish Moss ot 15
S-04 (3 packs rehydrated)
Wind picked up during boil big time, had trouble holding heavy boil, hopefully no DMS
It is now the twentieth and I'm cold crashing. dialed the Brewhemoth down from 19 Celsius to 5. Will dump yeast tomorrow and again in 5 days, then its off to kegs. Taste good now (a little yeasty), no major DMS!

Monday, October 28, 2013

More pears

Have almost two bushels of pears to juice out tonight! Fermenting these on an English Ale type yeast, will see what Friar Tuck has.
They are juiced! Five gallons received White Labs 005 and the other four gallons received Lalvin EC-1118. All is happily fermenting away!

12/14    Kegged both of these. The EC-1118 taste great, the 005 was a bit sour in flavor.