Saturday, February 13, 2016

Need to keep updating.

The brewery has been busy lately. After taking my job at Urban Chestnut Brewery, I sort of left home brewing go slack. But, I'm back at it. Tried a few batches of extract with grains brewing. The first two batches were bitters, using 6 pounds of liquid extract in each and a quarter pound of crystal 135. The first used Maris Otter syrup, EKG hops, and Wyeast Cask Ale yeast. The other used NB golden syrup, with Fuggle hops and Wyeast 1968 yeast. Both are clearing having fermented out in a week. The next batch was a saison, 6.6 pounds of Muntain light and two pounds of dried wheat extract. Used Fuggles and will add gooseberries at the end of fermentation. Will be going back to all grain after this, was a bit disappointed in the Saison color, seemed too dark.
Today, I'm putting together a 5 gallon batch of cider. The plan is to fill my keezer again!

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