Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brewing a 5 gallon batch of Petit Saison.
5 lbs of Idapils
2.75 pounds of German Vienna
.75 pounds of flaked wheat.
Mashed at 151
1 oz Brewer Gold at 60
.25 oz Brewer Gold at 10
.25 oz Celeia at 10
.75 oz Brewer Gold at 2
.75 oz Celiea at 2
Hit 1038 3 points low, no sparge lost me a few points.
Pitched one pouch of Wyeast French Saison
Fermenting at room temperature.
On 4-29 dropped to 1008. Nice job, Spicy and quite drinkable. Let it go another week or two on the yeast and then keg.
5-10 still at 1008, cleared, pale straw in color, very tasty, will keg Saturday and use the yeast cake on a ten gallon batch.

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