Sunday, August 29, 2010

The day for ESB!

Brewing an old favorite, Trout Stream Ale. The first two times I brewed this, I actually drove out to Blue Springs CA, and brought home water from the spring house at the deserted farm there. While I no longer go to these extremes, its still a very tasty ale!
Grain bill

9.5 pounds Maris Otter
1 pound med crystal
1/2 pound light crystal
1/2 pound rolled barley.
1/2 pound Victory malt.
Mashed at 152 for 70 minutes
Hops bill
1 oz Northdown 60 min
1.3 oz EKG 30 min
.5 oz Fuggles 10 min
Will dry hop with an ounce of EKG
Used Wyeast 1968 yeast.
Full krausen the next day (20 hours later)

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