Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Multifruit Mel

Sitting with 3 gallons of straight cranberry blossom mead still clearing and a freezer full of fruit, I decided to combine the two. The first fruit addition will be 5 pounds of motecello cherries (tart pie cherries). These will go in tonight. Then some red raspberries, followed by blackberries, then the black raspberries. I plan to rack between each fruit addition so that I can judge how much of each needs added. It should end up as a complex fruit filled mead.
Its Friday the 13th, I added 2 pounds of blackberries and am thawing out a couple more pounds of blackberries and about 5 pounds of red raspberries to add tomorrow.
Added 3 1/4 pounds of red raspberries and another 2 1/2 pounds of blackberries on August 14th. Later this day, I added 2 pounds of black raspberries. This is going to be good!!!!
August 22nd. I added 2 pounds of peach blossom honey, one quart each of Trader Joes Just Blueberry juice, Hortex Black Currant nectar and Fructal Strawberry nectar. This should be done, unless after a month I decide a little more black raspberry is needed. I then topped off to five gallons with Black raspberry blossom mead (one gallon) and part of a bottle of sunflower blossom mead. Like I have previously noted, this will be GOOD!


  1. Final gravity is at 1.036. This is sweet, awesome berry flavor, with a strong honey background. It was racked off on more time, will bottle very soon. Absolutely love this mead!