Friday, September 2, 2011

The internal works of my beer engine. This might be added to the Brewhemoth line. It pours almost a half pint at each pull. Cannot wait till I brew a batch of bitter to use this on. Will be putting together a nice box, so I can mount it on my kegerator.


  1. Can you give any details this design? How is the beer being delivered to the cylinder, and where are the the two check valves located? I would assume that one is inline from the keg/cask/polypin to the inlet of the the cylinder, then is the other from between the spout and the cylinder output?

    1. You are correct on the check valve placements. The check valves leaked with the slightest bit of hop residue, and I found I had difficulty finishing a 5 gallon batch of cask before it went south, so refining this project took a back seat to other inovations.