Sunday, October 10, 2010


Busy day in the brewhouse. The cran on cran is now bottled, 15 bottles now await consumption. The Dry (Irish) stout is kegged and being conditioned (taste great, nice and dry and roasty), the Irish Red is in secondary with some isenglass to make it pretty. It hit the mark right on, carmelly, toffee flavors up front, dry roasty finish. Also brewed an American IPA, 12 pounds Maris Otter, 1.5 pounds 45L Crystal. Following hop bill, .4 oz Chinook at 60,.5 oz Ckinook and .5 oz Centennial at 30 and at 10 minutes .5 oz each of Chinook, Centennial and Cascade. 2 packs of SO-5 for the yeast, will dry hop with 1 ounce each of Cascade and Centennial. Been a busy day. Its now 10/20, dry hopping! 10/24 racked again put on isenglass.

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