Friday, November 18, 2011



A 10 gallon batch
16 pounds of Idapils
 6  pounds of wheat malt

 Mashed at 148 for an hour.

90 minute boil.

 2 ounces of Fuggles at 60 minutes.

16 grams of meadowsweet flowers (dried) at 15 along with Irish Moss

Fermented with S-05, will add gooseberries to secondary.

Added 9 pounds of gooseberries tonight. (11-29)

Went into the kegs on 12/8. Taste very good!!!
Pam described the aroma as fruity and flowery. She hit it on the nose. Flavor is tartness from the wheat and gooseberries, gooseberry taste with the distinct flavor of meadowsweet flowers.

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