Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kegging today

First it was lunch at Schlafley Bottleworks, then after work it was down to Schlafley's Taproom to talk with Augie. Then back home, tried to keg the APA and the Bitter. My paintball regulator adapter thingy crapped out. No way to pump out of the Brewhemoth. With luck going downhill, I kegged the APA, put Isenglass in the Bitter, will keg in a couple weeks. I'm out of grain anyway, so I can't refill it right away. I need to redo my CO2 manifold system, so I have a CO2 tap outside the cold box, but then I'm planning on redoing that very soon. If nothing else this hobby keeps me out of the bars (OK, I was there twice today, but that was business). Kicking bak with a pint of APA right now.


  1. Dale, what about all those dry hops in the Bitter? You aren't worried about them creating off flavors and aromas?

  2. I dumped about 80% out thru the dump valve already. It'll be fine.