Thursday, October 6, 2011

Petit de Saison

Kegged 10 gallons of this elixer last night. Most deliceous, will remake this after I learn to spell, or before!
The recipe for Petit de Saison
10 gallon
9 pounds of Maris Otter
5.5 pounds of Vienna
1.5 pounds Flaked Wheat
Mashed at 148 for an hour
in boil
1 pound table sugar
2 oz EKG 60 minutes
.5 oz EKG 10 minutes
.5 oz Hallertau Mttlefrau 10 minutes
2 tsp of Irish Moss
1.5 oz EKG 2 minutes
1.5 oz HM 2 minutes
Wyeast 3711

The yeast is the key to this beer. Gives it a spicy kick, kind of peppery. Very refreshing.

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