Sunday, September 12, 2010

Second runnings

Ran off another 6 gallons of wort off the barleywine. It came in at 1032 after the boil. Made this bitter an all Fuggles model, with one ounce at 60 minutes, 1/2 ounce at 15 and an ounce at knock out. I put the new wyeast str/

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Wyeast 1945 NB NeoBritannia

Item No: Y1945

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Quick Overview

Product Description

This traditional English ale strain works well for a wide range of beer styles, from low-gravity bitters and milds to strong stouts, porters, and old ales. Due to the cells’ chain-forming characteristics, it is an excellent top-cropping yeast. Moderate ester profile makes it a great match for hop-driven beers like bitter and pale ale, but attenuative enough to handle higher-gravity malty styles. Excellent flocculation yields clear beer and allows for cask-conditioning. Ferment at the lower end of the temperature range for a cleaner finish, or utilize the upper end to enhance low-gravity beers with a more assertive ester profile.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Wyeast
Yeast Format Liquid
Yeast Type Ale
Yeast Origin/Influence British Isles
Min Fermenting Temp 66
Max Fermenting Temp 74
Flocculation Medium-High
Min Attenuation % 72
Max Attenuation % 77

Glad I ordered when I did!

Kegged this one today, the 23rd.

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